Group trips all year round

Café Bryggan's natural location and local partners offer great opportunities. The pier café invites you to relax and rejoice in the winter! For example, dinner by candlelight or take a creative break with hot drinks - please contact us for more information!

Customisable days all year round for work teams, schools and associations

Examples of what your program could include:

  • Team trek outdoors
  • Yoga on the beach (or indoors)
  • Nature Bootcamp
  • Rowboat relay
  • Guided hiking 1 km - 22 km
  • Winter hiking on ice
  • Hiking in the dark
  • Hot tub
  • Food experiences in nature

Example activity packages

The Historical White Night Hiking in Öja

The Historical White Night Hiking in Öja

- 10 km hike featuring 100 years’ worth of history!
- Experience the rich culture and beautiful nature of the archipelago
- Suitable for groups of 1-20 pax
- Availability: 15.5 – 15.8

This hiking trail features an almost magical element brought on by the bright summer night, paths covered in dew, birdsong and the sound of ripples hitting the cliffs. Gain invaluable insight into local life in the archipelago village of Öja through our local guides and products.

Our walk takes us along historic smuggling routes used during the period of 1905-1917, when Öja was one of the central places in Kvarken that opposed the Russian rule in Finland. The route was used for smuggling large quantities of weapons from Germany, but also helped aspiring Jägers find their way over to Sweden and onward to the training camp in Lockstedter Lager, Holstein, Germany.

This hiking includes:

- Transportation from Café Bryggan to starting and finishing point
- Local guides from the village
- Food pack with Café Bryggan’s own products, Fiskarbyn’s fish soup served in nature
- Changing room and shower facilities in Öja Byacenter
- Historical and personal guiding about the smuggling of weapons and people between Germany and Finland during 1905 to 1917

17.00 The group gathers at Café Bryggan. Short introduction about Öja Fiskarby and distribution of food packs.

17.30 Departure to starting point at Korvgräven

19:30 The hike commences after we’ve enjoyed a late dinner at Korvgräven

21:30 We stop for a break on the cliffs with a view of the archipelago and the sea leading to Sweden

23:00 Arrival at Bässöns Jägaretappstuga (”Jägerhütte”) Historical tales around an open fire about the local activist Igor Sandman.

00:00 Departure towards Café Bryggan, arrival at the hotel in Kokkola around 01:00

Price from 132 euro


Contact us to create your own custom package

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